Facebook is where your customers are

If you’re spending money on marketing, it makes sense to spend it where your customers are. The good news is, you don’t have to guess. With a user base over 1 billion, it’s almost certain that some, most, or all your target audience are hanging out on Facebook.

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Facebook marketing requires a different mindset from other forms of direct marketing. That’s because people are not typically browsing through Facebook looking to ‘buy’. That said, there are effective strategies that are proven to get great results. Like any marketing, the key factors are, making the ‘right’ offer to the ‘right’ audience.
The reason so many people love Facebook for online marketing is because of the ability to accurately target an audience. Targeting for Facebook marketing can be done by many factors including age, gender, geo location, religion, income, interests, and much more.

Find out if Facebook marketing is a good fit for your business

Just like Search Engine Marketing, Facebook marketing can be done using paid and organic (non-paid) strategies. Even if you’ve been throwing your money on Facebook advertising and not seeing an ROI, something as simple as creating a converting website or landing page can make all the difference and turn your ad spend into an investment!
We can also help you with an organic Facebook marketing campaign combined with one or more digital marketing channels such as Paid Search Marketing, or Email Marketing.
At AI Script Pty Ltd, our team offer proven digital marketing strategies for virtually all industries and sectors. That means if you’re a business owner and want to work with a local QLD (Carrara) based digital marketing company, we’re the people you should call. We’ll work with your budget and your goals to find the right online marketing fit to help you reach your goals.


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